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Farm it. Brew it. Make it. Bake it. 

We Package It. 

We Offer

Greenhouse Films



Offering the highest quality coated woven poly, standard greenhouse film and light deprivation film. Engineered with unique additives to block UV light, anti-drip, and infrared additives.  


Cannabis, Agricultural & Industrial Packaging

Farmers, Brewers, Makers, Bakers, Manufacturers: You work hard to create your best product, we work hard to carry out packaging solutions to help your product stand out. 

Packaging Consulting & Design

We work side by side with you to design and develop a custom tailored packaging system. Our team takes a hands on approach from start to finish to design the best product possible. 

With over 25 years of experience, NSP has the insight, skills, and industry knowledge to provide customers with a consultative professional to design a packaging solution and system.

Core Values


We provide honesty


We strive to maintain our tight knit customer relationships


We go above and beyond


We continuously seek the highest excellence in our products

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